In order to reduce the cost of computing power for front-end engineers using Pipcook, we supported the use of Pipcook training models on Google Colab in August.

Google Colab is a Juypter Notebook service provided by Google, which can use free GPU/TPU resources.

Let’s start the Step by Step of this article!

Create a new Google Colab on Google Drive. Opening the link will create a new *.ipynb file on your Google Drive.

Next is environment preparation. Just execute the following code in the code block in Notebook:

!wget -P /tmp
!rm -rf /usr/local/lib/nodejs
!mkdir -p /usr/local/lib/nodejs
!tar -xJf /tmp/node-v12.18.1-linux-x64.tar.xz -C /usr/local/lib/nodejs
!sh -c 'echo "export PATH=/usr/local/lib/nodejs/node-v12.18.1-linux-x64/bin:\$PATH" >> /etc/profile'
!rm -f /usr/bin/node
!rm -f /usr/bin/npm
!ln -s /usr/local/lib/nodejs/node-v12.18.1-linux-x64/bin/node /usr/bin/node
!ln -s /usr/local/lib/nodejs/node-v12.18.1-linux-x64/bin/npm /usr/bin/npm
!npm config delete registry
import os
PATH_ENV = os.environ['PATH'] …

In the data era, business data is the core asset for enterprises. Customers in various industries are constantly seeking for more powerful and fine-grained database backup and recovery capabilities to decrease commercial risks caused by data loss and business logic errors. For example, in the gaming industry, a large number of customers demand for the “game correction” capability to deal with the risk of misoperations or failures.

In 2020, an employee of a listed company accidentally deleted the company’s business-critical database. As a result, the market value of the company was severely affected. Conventional scheduled or manual backups of data are not ideal solutions for the preceding incidents because data backup and “Black Swan” incidents (abnormal incidents that are hard to predict) happen unpredictably. To prevent the incidents above, the ideal solution is to use second-level granularity for backing up data. …

Catch the replay of the Apsara Conference 2020 at this link!

By Aliware

“We are using the microservice technology and distributed databases. These technologies help enterprises improve the performance of the system, increase scalability, but also increase complexity and technical threshold. Are we concerned about how Alibaba Cloud can help us build these Internet applications more efficiently and at a lower cost?” — Zhou Lei, IT Director of Hotwind

This is a common question for many enterprises. If I use Alibaba Cloud technologies, does my business model become simpler or more complicated? …

Catch the replay of the Apsara Conference 2020 at this link!

By Alibaba Cloud MaxCompute

On September 18, at the Apsara Conference 2020, Alibaba Cloud officially launched the next-generation big data platform, Alibaba Cloud LakeHouse. It integrates data warehouses and data lakes and allows data to flow freely between data warehouses and data lakes for data computing, building a complete and organic big data ecosystem. This new-generation big data platform combines the flexibility of data lakes and the maturity of data warehouses. It helps enterprises reduce the overall cost of building a big data platform.

The big data technology has experienced the development of data warehouses and data lakes since the beginning of this century. The former usually refers to a big data technology-based integrated service provided by a cloud vendor, and the latter is a big data solution usually composed of a series of cloud services or open-source components. …

Catch the replay of the Apsara Conference 2020 at this link!

By Alibaba Cloud ECS

On September 18, at the Apsara Conference 2020 held in Hangzhou, Alibaba Cloud announced the launch of Cloud Box. Based on the proprietary X-Dragon architecture, Cloud Box integrates the cutting-edge technologies of computing, storage, and networking to provide users with a fully managed cloud service that combines software with hardware for local deployment. For users who need to deploy their business in local data centers, Cloud Box provides the same experience as Alibaba Cloud’s public cloud.

Migration to the cloud has become a trend in various industries, especially with the rapid development of big data, artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, and other technologies. Most companies regard digital transformation as a priority strategy. However, due to the requirements of compliance, bandwidth, latency, and cost, some enterprises are deploying some of their business in local data centers, but they also want to obtain the same benefits of low costs, elasticity, and agility as provided by the public cloud. …

Nantian, Head of Product and Technology, Alibaba Entertainment

My fellow tech workers of the Alibaba economy,

This Spring Festival was extremely unusual. The sudden COVID-19 outbreak swept across the entire country, presenting the Alibaba economy and the whole society with enormous challenges.

We know that 17 years ago, Alibaba in its infancy went through an even harder time. Amid the SARS pandemic, we Aliren fought together to deliver value to customers. From then on, “Customers First” has been written into our genes. Today Alibaba has grown into a corporate giant that can shoulder a lot more responsibilities. …

Jingren, Head of Search and Recommend Business Unit and Advertising Technology, Alibaba

Dear fellow workers,

The year 2020 got off to an unusually rough start.

Bustling streets went quiet. Boisterous dinners, so typical of the festive season, gave way to quarantine routines. Such scenes remind us of the 2003 SARS pandemic. Luckily enough, the Alibaba economy has greater technological capacity than 17 years ago. Moreover, the fate of Aliren has always been bound up with those of our customers, come what may.

If there was a shred of worry at the beginning that telework could run into problems like Internet failure and miscommunications in complicated projects, that worry has long since been dispelled by the sheer efficiency our teammates demonstrated. …

Dashao, researcher of Product Technology Department of Freshippo

Dear all,

At the time of writing this letter, the epidemic is still ripping through the whole world. No one knows for sure when it will end. But at this very moment, I’m assured that even though the once-busy cities are at a temporary standstill, we can use our product expertise to change that.

When everyone was scattered all over the country, we had to deal with a labyrinth of problems, such as restricted collaboration, urgent launch of temporary projects, quick business adjustment, and poor online communication. But at crunch time, what I heard most was: “Okay, no problem”, “Let me do it”, and “I will get it done as soon as possible”. …

Youtan, Head of Alibaba Supply Chain Platform(ASCP), Tmall Supermarket, Freshippo, and Digital Agricultural Products

Dear all,

When municipal and provincial hospitals were running low on anti-epidemic supplies, Alibaba set up a special fund of RMB 1 billion immediately to procure medical supplies at home and abroad, including diagnostic and treatment equipments, preparations, facemasks, protective clothing, and forehead thermometers, before donating them to hospitals, schools, and governments. As a hub for the procurement and supply of anti-epidemic supplies in the Alibaba economy, Tmall Supermarket managed and distributed RMB 1 billion worth of anti-epidemic supplies.

At this urgent moment, ASCP played its role in connecting multiple supply channels. We built an end-to-end supply chain for anti-epidemic supplies and achieved accurate matching of goods in three days. By connecting business resources around the world (Tmall Supermarket, Tmall Global…) and global logistics resources, we met external demands from schools, hospitals, and governments as well as internal demands from Freshippo,, and Cainiao with the fastest speed. We realized efficient and accurate matching between the supply side and the demand side, thus turning uncertainty into certainty. …

CTO of Cainiao

They kept working together through the 2020 Spring Festival.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, Cainiao’s technical team was holding out a safety net to logistics.

On a typical day of the Spring Festival, Cainiao delivers hundreds of thousands of orders — comprising hundreds of millions of parcels — for Tmall Supermarket and major e-tailers. It also acts as a go-between for merchants and courier companies. This year, however, the unexpected epidemic added to the already Herculean tasks. …


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