By Zhongzhe Xiong, ScaleFlux

End of Moore’s Law

“The chips are down for Moore’s law”, an article published on Nature on February 9, 2016, claimed that the upcoming International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS) would no longer pursue Moore’s Law, breaking the golden rule that dominated the chip industry for 50 years.

Authored by Li Feifei, President of the Database Products Business Unit of Alibaba Cloud

In the wake of the pandemic, one trend that emerged is the need for digitalisation, and this will continue — and even grow — in the future. And, while it’s still not clear exactly what that actual economic impact of Covid-19 will be, IDC predicts that the digital economy will accelerate to counter this. The firm predicts that over 65% of APAC GDP is expected to be digitalised between 2020 and 2023 and spending will hit US$1.2 trillion.

As businesses — and even economies — become…

2021 Hangzhou Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition for Overseas Talents is calling for worldwide entrepreneurs to enter!

Entrants can win 200,000 RMB to start their business and gain practical insights and local resources including policy, funds, and industry support to start and grow their business in Hangzhou.

How to Enter:


Startups register their business and start operation of the company in Hangzhou within one year after the competition will be rewarded:

The First Prize: RMB¥5,000,000

The Second…

By Alibaba Cloud_Network

Zhu Shunmin, a researcher with Alibaba Cloud Network Services, released a variety of new network products at the Apsara Conference 2020. One of the products is the Application Load Balancer (ALB). Positioned at the application layer, ALB provides superior performance. It is secure, reliable, cloud-native, and out-of-the-box. It supports auto scaling, the Quick UDP Internet Connection (QUIC) protocol, content-based advanced routing, built-in Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection, cloud-native applications, flexible billing, and other product capabilities. It meets many diversified application-layer load requirements.

The Business Scenarios of ALB

When seeing the letters ALB, many people will think of the classic SLB service…

By Derek Wang, General Manager of Alibaba Cloud Singapore

Singapore businesses already lead Southeast Asia in Cloud adoption. According to a recent survey by Alibaba Cloud “Role of Cloud in Asia and Confidence in Asian Innovation Survey”, nine in 10 IT decision-makers here report that their companies are using at least one Cloud-based technology. However, with broad adoption comes maturity. Our survey also found that Singaporean companies are the region’s least satisfied with how Cloud-based tools or digitalisation efforts have helped them cope with business and operational needs during the pandemic.

The maturity of IT and Cloud adoption, and attitudes…

This paper solely authored by Alibaba scientists & researchers has been accepted by the SIGMOD 2021 Research Track.

Periodicity detection is a crucial step in time series tasks, including monitoring and forecasting of metrics in many areas, such as IoT applications and self-driving database management system.

In many of these applications, multiple periodic components exist and are often interlaced with each other. Such dynamic and complicated periodic patterns make the accurate periodicity detection difficult.

In addition, other components in the time series, such as trend, outliers and noises, also pose additional challenges for accurate periodicity detection.

In this paper, we…

By Sagi Medina, Alibaba DAMO Academy Machine Intelligence Israel Lab

With this article, you will cover the critical concepts behind asynchronous programming in Python.

By the end of it, you will know:

  • How parallel programming can be done in Python
  • Scale your Python code with parallelism and concurrency.
  • How concurrency implemented in CPython — the “official” implementation of Python.

The concept of concurrent computing is frequently confusing, so let’s do a quick overview on three different types:

Concurrent programming is a form of computing in which several computations are executed concurrently — during overlapping time periods — instead of sequentially…


Aliyun Multi-model database Lindorm is a Semi-structured, structured standardized storage system for massive data scenarios, and is widely used inside and outside Alibaba group. Lindorm has been committed to “make enterprise data available and visiable” and continue to maintain rapid capability updates and technology upgrades. On the one side , Lindorm reduce unit storage costs by introducing low-cost storage pools, at the same time sense user data popularity through intelligent cold and hot separation technology, and then improve query performance. On the other side, Lindorm provides rich global secondary index and search engine capabilities, users can use this through native…

Jiang Jiangwei, Senior Researcher at Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

“Cloud Native” has become such a buzzword that if you don’t talk about it, you are considered as being outdated or obsolete. Thus, cloud vendors increasingly see the value and technological benefit in joining CNCF.

There are several definitions of Cloud Native, such as “microservice + container + continuous delivery + DevOps”, as defined by CNCF, and other definitions by different cloud vendors. Alibaba Cloud established the Cloud Native Technology Committee in September 2020. …

Self-Driving Databases Are the Future, Learn Why

Feifei Li, President of Database Systems at Alibaba, feels that AI, which now is limited to computer vision and speech/voice recognition currently, will play a huge role in business operations in the future.

Alibaba and Jack Ma are household names today. The tech giant has a market cap among the global top 10 and has expanded into all major markets in the world. Technology has driven Alibaba’s superlative growth, and has helped the company do what Amazon, Google, eBay, PayPal, FedEx, as well as wholesalers and umpteen manufacturers do in the US. Now, the world over, companies are adopting and…

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