A Collection of Alibaba’s Research Papers (to be updated regularly)

From real-world application to academic research, we present here the Academic Alibaba series!

In this series, you will find introductory articles of Alibaba’s research papers published on top academic conferences.

Join us and explore the world of research!

WSDM 2019

Triple Crossover: Alibaba’s CrossE Improves Knowledge Graph Embedding

WWW 2019

A Reliable Approach to Unreliable Caching Environments

Stacking Results: Alibaba Improves Search Services for Online Shoppers


I See What You’re Saying: From Audio-only to Audio-visual Speech Recognition

Turning Words into Images: Bilinear Representation for Language-based Image Editing

At Sellers’ Service: Alibaba Automates Responses for Online Buyer Reviews

Next-Gen Text Generation: Alibaba Makes Progress on the KL-Vanishing Problem

Eurocrypt 2019

AAAI 2019

Delivering Results: Alibaba’s DeepETA Improves Prediction for Package Logistics

Cascading Insights: Alibaba Advances Machine Reading for Online Question Answering

Syntax Before Semantics: A New Slot Filling Model for Online Shopping Assistants

EMNLP 2018

Learning How to Be Popular: QA-style Product Sentiment Mining

CIKM 2018

ACM MM 2018

Cutting Out the People: Alibaba Automates Human Matting

Reforming Person Re-Identification with Local Convolutional Neural Networks

Interspeech 2018

Making Sure Your Voice Is Heard: Deep-FSMN in CTC-Based Speech Recognition

VLDB 2018

The Webs We Weave: Fighting Fraud in Real Time with Large Dynamic Graphs


NetCraft: a Master Platform for Global Network Maintenance and Upgrades

KDD 2018

Recommended for You: Deep User Perception Network, by Alibaba

Improving Recommender System with Tree-based Deep Model

It’s a Match! Optimizing Item Recommendations in Ecommerce

Shopping With Your Camera: Visual Image Search Meets E-Commerce at Alibaba

On Alibaba’s big data technology:

A SPARC of Genius: How Alibaba is Revolutionizing Rare Category Analysis

Does Your Mobile Say a Lot About You? It Should — and Here’s Why.

Who Knows Whom: Connecting the Right People with Interactive Paths Embedding

Knowing Your Adversary: How Alibaba is Training Smarter Online Fraud Detectors

ACL 2018

Document Filtering: Finding a Needle in a Haystack

IJCAI 2018

Brand-level Ranking in Ecommerce: New Model from Alibaba Research

ANRL: Training One Network to Understand Another

Globally Connected: Mutual Influence Data in E-Commerce

IncepText: Alibaba’s New Eagle-Eyed Text Recognition Tool

Predicting What You Want, Before You Want It

SIGIR 2018

Competing Impressions: How Alibaba is Improving the Metabolism of Ecommerce

Feeding You the Right Information with Heterogeneous Type Sorting

Impress, Click, Convert…Improving Ad Success in ECommerce

ICMR 2018

CVPR 2018

Creating the Perfect Picture

Predicting the Unpredictable: Online 3D Action Prediction

From Zero to Hero: Shaking Up the Field of Zero-shot Learning

Is a Picture Really Worth a Thousand Words?

Pixel Perfect: Reimagining Image Segmentation

Most resent

Unlocking Insights from Multi-Round Searches with Reinforcement Learning

Revolutionizing the Way Search Engines Rank Your Search Results

Virtualizing China’s Biggest Online Marketplace for Training Reinforcement Learning


The Web Conf 2018

Beyond Keywords and Relevance

Countering Crowdturfing


Improved Time Dependency Modeling in Emotion Recognition: Advanced LSTM

Lost for Words: Speech Synthesis with Limited Data Using Linear Networks

An Ensemble Framework of Voice-based Emotion Recognition

Reading Aloud: Sequential Memory for Speech Synthesis

AAAI 2018

How CoLink Links Entities Between Different Knowledge Graphs

Annotations from a Crowd — The New Approach to Information Extraction

A Multi-task Learning Approach to Shortening Lengthy Product Titles

Bots Chat with Humans — How CoChat is Using the Human Factor to Improve Customer-Service AI

How AI Masters English to Russian Translation — Improve Machine Translation by Modeling Russian Word Structure

Helping AI Uncover the Mysterious Veil of Chinese Characters

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