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Dec 6, 2018

2 min read

AIOps for Big Data, from Alibaba

How is a new era of data challenges changing operation and maintenance for IT? Read this series of articles to learn about best practice form the Alibaba tech team.

The heart of artificial intelligence is data, and companies with a lot of it are constantly working to boost what it can do for them. Beyond that simple fact, though, many continue to wonder what it means to say that data is involved in development practices like AIOps (AI for IT operations), or how data can be used in place of human and even machine-driven analytics. [Read more]

DataOps Series

This installment looks at how Alibaba uses a project migration method to remove bottlenecks in its operations with big data platform MaxCompute, among other optimizations. [Read more]

This installment looks at how Alibaba has been researching DataOps technologies to find the perfect model for forecasting future resource consumption, allowing you to better manage your capacity. [Read more]

This installment looks at the ways Alibaba has worked to enhance data synchronization for its big data platform MaxCompute, improving both the efficiency and the quality of these tasks and reducing entry barriers for inexperienced users. [Read more]

This installment looks at how Alibaba’s Tdata platform improves resource utilization, isolation, and allocation in different applications. [Read more]

This installment looks at how Alibaba is improving labor-intensive operations work throughout its ecosystem with enhanced anomaly detection methods. [Read more]

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