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Open source helps drive technology forward by sharing knowledge and preventing reinvestment of resources…[Read more]

Nacos: Solution for Cloud-native Development

Nacos (short for Naming Configuration Service) offers developers an easy-to-use framework for service discovery, management, and configuration in cloud-native applications. [Read more]

Nacos now allows Spring developers to perform service discovery, configuration management, and service control for their microservices in the production environment, so that developers could enable dynamic configuration service for their Spring Framework applications easily by adding some simple annotations. [Read more]

This article looks at the ideal application settings for the framework, from storing sensitive configuration information to traffic management.[Read more]

Dubbo: Framework for Distributed Servitization

Apache Dubbo service framework: from the fundamentals of Java RMI to building Spring Boot-based applications… [Read more]

Learn how to implement Zipkin in Dubbo for complex distributed systems, from configuring dependencies to performing tracing analysis… [Read more]

A rundown of how to expose services with RESTful architecture using built-in Dubbo features that have appeared over the last year or more… [Read more]

A technical guide to implementing Nacos’ registry function in Dubbo… [Read more]

Fish Redux: Unified Application Framework for larger-scale Apps

Fish Redux has eliminated pain points and enabled configurable assembly for Alibaba’s Xianyu trading platform… [Read more]

Sentinel: Fault Tolerance for Microservices

With Sentinel, Alibaba has introduced a flow control system with impressive comparisons against Netflix’s Hystrix component… [Read more]

Hystrix, an open source latency and fault tolerance library of Netflix, has recently announced on its GitHub homepage that new features are no longer under development. It is recommended that developers use other open source projects that are still active. [Read more]

This article will help you migrate from Hystrix to Sentinel and help you get up to speed on using Sentinel. [Read more]

Fescar: Distributed Transaction Solution

To support microservice-based development, Alibaba has now launched Fescar, an open source version of its Global Transaction Service solution to the problem of distributed transactions… [Read more]

PouchContainer: An Efficient Enterprise-class Rich Container Engine

Put through its paces by Alibaba’s astronomical transaction volume, multiple mega data centers and strict cost control, Pouch — Alibaba’s proprietary Apache 2.0 protocol-based container technology — has now formally been made open-source. [Read more]

JarsLink: Flexibility Through Modularity

Alibaba’s new JarsLink modular framework has been developed to overcome these issues and has is currently being applied and assessed in real-world applications. Let’s move on to look at the issues it is overcoming, its specific functions and features, and real-world application scenarios. [Read more]

Mars: A Tensor-based Framework for Large-scale Data Computation

“NumPy” is a beloved tool for the huge population of Python users who are mathematicians, engineers, etc. and working deeply in scientific computing. The NumPy Base N-dimensional array package usually contains… [Read more]

12 Alibaba Techs made Open-source in 2017

Since the launch of the first batch of open-source projects in 2011, the developers at Alibaba have been actively involved in the development of open-source communities. [Read more]

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