At Crunch Time, Product Technology Comes Forward!

Dashao, researcher of Product Technology Department of Freshippo

Dear all,

At the time of writing this letter, the epidemic is still ripping through the whole world. No one knows for sure when it will end. But at this very moment, I’m assured that even though the once-busy cities are at a temporary standstill, we can use our product expertise to change that.

When everyone was scattered all over the country, we had to deal with a labyrinth of problems, such as restricted collaboration, urgent launch of temporary projects, quick business adjustment, and poor online communication. But at crunch time, what I heard most was: “Okay, no problem”, “Let me do it”, and “I will get it done as soon as possible”. And everyone volunteered to do so!

In this bitter winter of the crisis, Freshippo became the preferred choice for the public to shop for daily necessities, as its traffic was several times higher than that for the Double 11 Global Shopping Festival. Under such a special circumstance, we had to wrestle with assorted problems under the huge pressure, such as how we could prevent panic-buying and deal with insufficient shipping capacity while ensuring the daily food supply and making prices stable.

In this process, I saw many employees give up their rest and plunge into the work. Lots of livelihood projects were launched overnight: non-contact service, cross-business cooperation system, end-to-end design upgrade, improvement of production details through smart algorithms…

With limited human resources, we should try our best to safeguard the health of every frontline employee through product technology. At the same time, we should strive to serve as many consumers as possible. These are my expectations for all of you.

We have a member whose wife just gave birth to a child. While taking care of the new life, he, at a corner of the corridor outside the delivery room, gathered other fellows to release the non-contact service and the transaction renovation procedure.

Facing cross-business cooperation demands, some quickly introduced the delivery system and coordinated external partners, which helped ease Freshippo’s delivery pressure in 11 service regions.

At all times, product technology comes forward. We took the initiative to transform the whole supply chain, improve our service and emergency response capacity, and better consumers’ shopping experience. Our goal is to reassure our consumers that Freshippo is always by their side.

There are always difficulties out there, but there are also way more solutions. We are racing against the epidemic with more solutions. As technicians, what we have to do is to innovate faster and release faster!

We believe that as long as we go forward in the same direction and take our clients and consumers to heart, we will never feel afraid of being alone.

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