Database in the Cloud Era — Alibaba Workshop on IEEE ICDE 2019

Real world scenarios and cutting edge technologies at the system level in the database field

Introduction of Alibaba’s Database Products & Services

Speaker: Feifei Li, Vice President

Database: A key component of the cloud. “The real battle will be in databases.” Enterprise database products and services of Alibaba.

POLARDB: A Cloud Native OLTP Database in Alibaba

Speaker: Manyi Lu, Researcher

POLARDB is fully compatible with Oracle’s cloud-native database and features 100% backward compatibility with MySQL. POLARDB separates the computing layer from a shared storage layer, which allows the storage space to automatically scale according to usage. The computing layer adopts a single master — multiple read only replica architecture, and scaling up a compute node or adding a replica only takes a few minutes. The computing nodes and storage nodes are connected with a high-speed network and use the RDMA protocol for data transmission, which means I/O performance never becomes a bottleneck again.

POLARDB X: A Globally-Distributed Database in Alibaba

Speaker: Gui Huang, Senior Staff Engineer

This session will explain how POLARDB X delivers excellent performance at a low cost. PolarDB X is one of Alibaba’s self-developed distributed relational databases, serving both Alibaba’s businesses and clients. It provides an easily scalable, geo-distributed, highly available, consistent, high-performance and low-cost database service for online transaction processing. PolarDB X embodies Alibaba’s self-developed storage engine X-Engine, which stores data in a tiered structure according to different data temperatures. X-Engine applies the state-of-the-art software-hardware co-design to exploit modern hardware for improved performance and reduced storage costs.

Alibaba OLAP: Challenges, Evolution, and Improvement

Speaker: Liang Lin, Researcher

With data explosion in scale and variety, OLAP databases play an increasingly important role in serving real-time analysis with low latency. This session will focus on Alibaba’s experience in building large-scale, real-time online analytical systems and future technology trends. It will introduce AnalyticDB, a real-time analytical database product developed by Alibaba.

Journey to SDDP: Building a Self-Driving Database Platform at Alibaba

Speaker: Honglin Qiao, Staff Engineer

Managing large-scale databases with high availability, low cost and high security is extremely important at Alibaba. This session will introduce the development history of Alibaba database operation and maintenance, as well as the company’s experiences and challenges in building the Self-Driving Database Platform (SDDP).

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First-hand & in-depth information about Alibaba's tech innovation in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data & Computer Engineering. Follow us on Facebook!