Discover the Rising Stars №013 | Interview with AODTBJ’s Founder Yao Jian

FMCW LIDAR Has a High Technological Threshold

Founded in 2019, AODTBJ’s core focus is on the development and production of FMCW LiDAR. Yao Jian, the founder of AODTBJ, graduated from the Department of Computer Science at Tsinghua University and later went to the United States to study for his PhD at Harvard University’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences. He worked at Wall Street on technology investment and sat in executive positions in various technology companies in China.

AODTBJ Fire Eye FMCW LiDAR 500–600m Range

Breakthrough Industry Challenges Through Technological Innovation

The major companies currently researching and selling LiDAR. To put it simply, are divided into three paths: short, medium, and long-range.

The 5G Industry Competition Brought Many Rewards and Seeking More Partners

“LiDAR is foundational hardware. There is a large amount of data in unmanned vehicles that need timely processing. We have been paying close attention to Alibaba Cloud since its first conception, and today it has become a global Cloud service platform.” Regarding his participation in the China’s 5G Industry Innovation Entrepreneurship Contest hosted by Alibaba Cloud Innovation Center, Yao Jian said, “Unmanned vehicles, V2X, 5G, sensors, these are all inextricably linked in the same ecosystem. Through this competition, we connected with colleagues and upstream and downstream partners in the industry. Upstream partners are our device manufacturers, such as demodulators and optical circuits. Downstream partners are innovative companies in areas such as unmanned vehicles. The participation in the competition has increased our understanding of the unmanned vehicle industry and other startup partners to our company. We have already started active exchanges with Alibaba DAMO Academy as well, which has benefited us greatly.”



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