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5 min readSep 17, 2021

Alibaba Cloud Innovation Center has introduced a new column, Discover the Rising Stars, to shed light on the backgrounds of entrepreneurs and company innovations. Through interviews, live streams, and other media approaches, we will deliver valuable news stories from multiple perspectives and dimensions, to offer you the real voices of entrepreneurs and to witness the power of technological innovations.

CNC machine tool is the abbreviation for Computer Numerical Control, which means an automatic machine tool equipped with a program control system. With the support of China’s national policy and the continuous pursuit of innovation by domestic enterprises, China’s CNC machine tool industry has developed rapidly and the size of the industry has continued to grow. Founded in 2001, Huaya CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd. has become a national high-tech enterprise with a complete machine tool industry chain after more than ten years of development.

The fifteenth issue of Discover the Rising Stars features an interview with Liang Lijun, the assistant to the CEO of Huaya CNC, and an overview of Huaya CNC’s entrepreneurial journey.

Leading technology and fill industry gaps with a professional team

Mr Dai Jiandong, the company’s co-founder, was the first research and development engineer at a government-owned company. His work has been dedicated to research and innovation in the technological field for decades. As part of this work, he has led the development of “Universal Tool Milling Machine”, “CNC Machine Tool with Automatic Tool Change” and “GJK8132 CNC Machine Tool”. This technology has filled the gaps in the domestic market with equipment and products.

Dai Jiandong, the founder of the company, was hired by a German machine tool manufacturer as head of R&D. During this time, he consulted on Siemens’ products and taught functional applications to the core staff of Siemens’ senior research and development department. After returning from Germany in 2001, he founded Huaya CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd. with the aim of building machine tools similar to German machine tools and improving the accuracy of part machining. His company made it possible to customize and personalize CNC machine tools according to customers’ needs.

Huaya CNC companies comprised Hunan Chuangjia CNC Machine Tool Co, Ltd, Hunan Yonggao Modern Equipment Company, Hunan Senhe Precision Machinery Manufacturing Company and Hubei Xianning CNC Machine Tool Company. Production bases, optical machine assembly bases, complete machine assembly bases and provincial R&D centers are all part of the CNC machine tool production chain. Huaya CNC utilizes its solid industrial chains to achieve usable results faster, which also meet customers’ needs.

“Startups need to decide how to leverage their limited resources in the real world, how to capture a segmented market, and how to earn a certain amount of capital to increase the strength of their business,” said Liang Lijun.

With the entry of new talents into the company and the continuous growth of market share, Huaya CNC’s innovative application machine tools and large precision machining workshops are now used in the 5G industry, LED high precision frame industry, new energy industry, safety and explosion-proof industry and notebook industry products.

High-tech product innovator with several patents

Huaya CNC has improved its CNC machine tool technology through continuous innovation and is at the forefront in China with a highly effective range of machines in demand by both domestic and overseas customers. At a product launch conference for Siemens’ 802S series, Huaya CNC’s YHC600 technology was used to demonstrate the revolutionary new machines and Siemens products, allowing Huaya’s innovative technologies to be prominently displayed. This was the first time Siemens used Chinese machines for product demonstrations, reflecting Siemens’ recognition and respect for Huaya CNC technology.

Huaya CNC has a range of patented products. A highly efficient pentahedron processing machine tool enables vertical and horizontal integrated machining of pentahedra. The machine tool can efficiently and effectively machine large and heterogeneous parts. The double-headed vertical special machine tool uses two high-speed spindles to produce two identical parts at once. The structure of the double tool magazine allows complex parts to be machined in more than one process. A new software design developed by a high-speed processor system automatically compensates for tool length, the tool magazine changes tools in sync with the phase frequency, and it features two-spindle high-speed tapping at the same frequency — an industry first.

“Liberate productivity and lead the manufacturing industry” is Huaya CNC’s motto.

The company has won the title of “Shenzhen Craftsman Cultivation Demonstration Unit” and has been recognized as “Independent Innovation Benchmarking Enterprise” in the 4th “Shenzhen Industry Awards”.

Liang Lijun said: “Companies need new patented products to stay competitive. Huaya’s previous exhibitions will bring new patented products to the market, leading the changes and new ideas in the industry.The only way for a company to be recognised is to keep up with the market growth and continuously provide value to customers. ”

Participate in China’s 5G industry competition and strive to create world-class machine tools

In the national finals of Alibaba Cloud’s China 5G Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, Huaya CNC won the top prize and showcased its industry-leading CNC equipment and technologies.

“Our participation in the competition demonstrates our innovative products, lets society know about our projects, and brings us closer to some customers so that we can better understand their needs in the future. By participating in the competition, our project has been noticed by many testing agencies. I hope we can all work together in the future.” Liang Lijun said.

Although China is the world’s largest producer and consumer of machine tools, most of the top ten lists are dominated by foreign machine tools.

In response to this, Liang Lijun said: “Domestic machine tool manufacturers must not only compete for prices but also integrate markets and resources. In this way, they will be able to compete with foreign machine tools. In the meantime, we need to improve and refine machine tools, rather than just blindly expanding the industry. Only the true craftsmen can build CNC machines of the highest quality. Furthermore, the future of competition lies in the competition of talent. We need to cultivate talents and successors so that the CNC industry can produce a younger generation. ”

Assembly does not have to mean cheap and inferior. The Dutch company ASM builds lithography machines and is a leader in its field. Machine tool parts are not yet a high-end product, so R&D and technological breakthroughs are essential for this industry.

Huaya CNC is committed to R&D and innovation to create value for its customers and society and build a global brand.

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