Discover the Rising Stars №015 | Interview with the Assistant to the CEO of Huaya CNC Liang Lijun

Leading technology and fill industry gaps with a professional team

Mr Dai Jiandong, the company’s co-founder, was the first research and development engineer at a government-owned company. His work has been dedicated to research and innovation in the technological field for decades. As part of this work, he has led the development of “Universal Tool Milling Machine”, “CNC Machine Tool with Automatic Tool Change” and “GJK8132 CNC Machine Tool”. This technology has filled the gaps in the domestic market with equipment and products.

High-tech product innovator with several patents

Huaya CNC has improved its CNC machine tool technology through continuous innovation and is at the forefront in China with a highly effective range of machines in demand by both domestic and overseas customers. At a product launch conference for Siemens’ 802S series, Huaya CNC’s YHC600 technology was used to demonstrate the revolutionary new machines and Siemens products, allowing Huaya’s innovative technologies to be prominently displayed. This was the first time Siemens used Chinese machines for product demonstrations, reflecting Siemens’ recognition and respect for Huaya CNC technology.

Participate in China’s 5G industry competition and strive to create world-class machine tools

In the national finals of Alibaba Cloud’s China 5G Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, Huaya CNC won the top prize and showcased its industry-leading CNC equipment and technologies.



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