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Sep 24, 2021

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Discover the Rising Stars №016 | Interview with SDGL Vice President Chen Xiangfei

Alibaba Cloud Innovation Center has introduced a new column, Discover the Rising Stars, to shed light on the backgrounds of entrepreneurs and company innovations. Through interviews, live streams, and other media approaches, we will deliver valuable news stories from multiple perspectives and dimensions, to offer you the real voices of entrepreneurs and to witness the power of technological innovations.

“Blockchain information services” refers to services providing information to the public through websites or applications that are based on blockchain technology or systems. Founded in October 2014, Shan Dong Gong Lian (SDGL) Information Technology Limited spent nearly 2 years on the independent research and development of Multiple Atomic Chain (MAC), an underlying platform for blockchain.

The sixteenth issue of Discover the Rising Stars features an interview with Chen Xiangfei, vice president of SDGL, the runner-up of Create@Alibaba Cloud Startup Contest (CACSC) Shandong leg — Grand Final of W-Valley Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest, and to take a deeper look of the blockchain technology from SDGL.

SDGL’s core technical team has been deep plowing the blockchain field for many years, they have advance technology research and development capability and plenty of practice experience within the market. In 2018, SDGL’s Chairman, Li Xin was named the leading talent of blockchain technology by Shandong Province in China as the founder of MAC. Apart from that, Li Xin also received multiple honorable titles like “Top 10 Industry-leading Innovative Entrepreneur”, numerous Chinese national patents, and technology innovation awards. The company’s Chief Technical Adviser, Prof. Xu Qiuliang has long been engaged in the theoretical research on the fields of information security and cryptography, his research involves public key cryptography, digital signature, key management, access control, and information security system structure, with breakthroughs on elliptic curve cryptography and digital signature.

The Multiple Atomic Chain (MAC) is a main chain fully made in China, independently researched and developed by SDGL and with independent intellectual property rights. It features multi-chain consensus algorithm, multi-chain parallel technology, Multiple Hybrid consensus mechanism, and cross-chain atomic swaps, the fundamental functions to build the “highway” of cross-chain asset circulation. SDGL’s R&D team came to the conclusion that merely with the traditional consensus layer is limited on improving the Transaction PerSecond (TPS), so they managed to reverse calculate with algorithm, and break the consensus layer utilizing their original technology to select the advantaged portion, result in a significant breakthrough on TPS.

Therefore, MAC is featured with its tens of millions TPS, which peaks at 15 million TPS, and it is the only blockchain underlying technology in China to have obtained the authoritative certification from Jinan National Supercomputing Center and China Financial Certification Authority (CFCA) under Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) of China. The entire source code is fully held by the SDGL, receiving 11 underlying development framework software patents and system reports, submitting over 20 pieces of related technology invention patents, achieving 100% independently secure and controllable.

Presently, SDGL has reached cooperation with various of companies, landed scenario includes Asia Medical Ecology Chain, Chain Sale Market, Multiple Atomic Cloud Stamp, Xiaoyuan Genie, White Wine Traceability Chain, Contract Anti-forgery Chain, Commodities Trading Chain, and Jinan Free Trade Chain. On top of all that, SDGL opened all API interface of MAC, made compatible with multiple programing languages, and provide services for smaller terminal users. Blockchain enthusiast and developer can create private chain or alliance chain with the aforementioned supports and build “blockchain+” industry applications.

On Nov. 27th, 2019, the “Multiple Atomic Cloud Stamp” officially launched, it is a smart stamp device collaboratively developed by Beijing Patriotic Boy Technology and SDGL. “Stamps are elemental in the daily business operation; mismanagement could cause unnecessary operational risk. The Multiple Atomic Cloud Stamp is the latest application of the mixed technology of IoT, Blockchain, and Cloud Platform, regularize the use of stamps with the latest technologies to prevent contractual disputes caused by mismanagement of stamps from the root of it,” said Chen Xiangfei. Now with this cloud stamp, all the usage records of the stamp will be encrypted and uploaded to the cloud, so the management can have a live reporting system to look up, monitor, and trace the stamp usage. It also comes with the one-click lockdown mode for possible illegal use of the stamp. Based on MAC, the Multiple Atomic Cloud Stamp harnessed the reliability, security, and immutability of blockchain technology, also enhanced with the latest AI, IoT, and Cloud Technology to guarantee a more intelligent, more information secured stamp usage process.

In the recent years, China’s blockchain technology continued to innovate under the support of the government, industry development keeps on accelerating. The application of blockchain in finance, governance, judiciary, and cyber security is gradually expanding. The blockchain technology aims to be the underlying protocol for the future society, and the driver towards technology product innovation and reform in all industries.

“It all started when we need to use Alibaba Cloud’s services for our cloud server business, and then we signed up for the CACSC in 2019, which led us to connect to Alibaba Cloud Innovation Center (ACIC), and we were very honoured to have won the runner-up on that final,” said Chen Xiangfei. “The ACIC would schedule a wide array of big events to bring help and guidance to the projects, to provide innovative projects with stage to carry out business roadshows. Along with the journey we met a lot of new enterprises, many develop teams for upder-level applications, and we hope there would be chance for us to cooperate.” On the development path of the company, Chen Xiangfei put forward that “the company encountered plenty of misunderstanding and challenges when the pre-mature blockchain 1.0 was still represented by the programmable money applications like bitcoin. I can still recall the pressure we undertook from the public back to 2018 when we were doing a sharing on an event. But soon the blockchain technology received Chinese government’s attention, since then the blockchain underlying technology system is recognized by more and more enterprises and eventually quickened our development.” Now that more landing scenarios of blockchain applications, the industry sees its rising.

“I want to share this with my peers: it takes great courage to explore a new industry, I hope that we can put aside the bias, and to collaborate, to advance together,” said Chen Xiangfei. According to her, SDGL will be continuously working on empowering more field with blockchain technology, help to bring more transparency to the society, to improve the underlying structure of blockchain in IoT, to promote deeper integration between AI and blockchain, and to always provide reliable, secure, legal, and compliant underlying technical services of blockchain.

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