Discover the Rising Stars №018 | Interview with Jing Ding, Co-founder of HinYeung Technology

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People invented robot arms in the mid-20th century to meet the challenge of nuclear waste disposal. In 1962, scientists put legs onto the robots. But when robots are largely introduced to the factories, people find out that having arms and legs are not quite enough for industrial robots, so people begin to dig into 3D vision, and to let industrial robots to have a pair of sharp eyes.

The 18th edition of Discover the Rising Stars interviewed Ding Jing, Co-founder of HinYeung Technology, which won the Innovation Prize in the Finals of the 2021 China (Xiangtan) Industrial Software Startup Contest. From him, we could “witness” the journey of how HinYeung Tech led the intelligence upgrade for the “blind” robots, and how they become the leading company in 3D robotic vision.

HinYeung Technology is established in August of 2018, led by a group of doctors from Chinese University of Hong Kong, the rest of the R&D department are all from notable universities and colleges from all over the world. The company mainly focused on the R&D and industrialization of high-speed, high-res, 3D robotic vision system, and the intelligent robotic system on top of that. Now they have managed to reach 300 frames per second and sub-microsecond-level accuracy in 3D graphing speed, already expanding the market share in China.

The products of HinYeung Technology include highly-efficient robot guiding system, industrial detection and measurement, majorly applied to businesses like logistics, automobile, 3C, precision manufacturing, and aerospace.

In the early stage of robotic system, human manipulation is necessary to properly guarantee the workflow, the robotic system can not work alone due to the inability of identifying the relevant points. Therefore, how to precisely locate the points, and conduct the workflow purely automatic is the bottleneck.

With the breakthrough in 3D vision, robotic system is on a new trail of intelligence innovation, the new robotic vision technology not only brings more agility and capability to the robots, but also creates new possibility for the development of industrial robotics.

“You can just regard it as eyes with high resolution and high refresh rate, in the industrial application, high-speed high-res 3D robotic vision system can guide the robots to finish work with much more complexity and flexibility. With our project, more enterprises can adopt the 3D robotic vision system effectively with lower cost, and to have better productivity and quality out of it,” said Jing Ding.

Different from the common 3D robotic vision system, HinYeung’s 3D robotic vision equipment has its advantages: higher accuracy, larger depth of field, and better stability. On accuracy, the highest image accuracy has reached sub-microsecond level, capturing 3D data at 300 frame rate. The equipment also has a built-in ambient light suppression technology, which grants better imaging under the reflected light. On stability, the equipment is tested in various extreme conditions in industrial scenarios, and proved to be well-functioned. It also has over 3m in depth of field, optimized for stacking and unstacking in a large scale. What’s more, it also comes with better compatibility with a wide array of industrial robotics.

On top of the industry-leading 3D robotic vision system, HinYeung Technology developed yet another intelligent robot system to better unleash its full potential. For example, the intelligent industrial robotic system is capable of coordinate the communication between different types of industrial robotics; the intelligent robot cooperating system is mainly developed for the self-developed adaptive intelligent collaborative robot, fit for more scenarios of automation and better man-machine collaboration. HinYeung Technology now owns a comprehensive intelligent solution of robotic vision and AI, and is ready to cope with any uncertain working environment.

HinYeung is offering many intelligent manufacturing solutions to its partners, such as the grabbing system for disordered condition that able to perform precision fetch within a group of disorderedly placed objects. The system has a smart path planning algorism to avoid collision and singularity problems, it is fit for material sorting, loading and unloading, processing, and transporting. HinYeung also offers the sortation system for blood samples, 3D imaging for reflective objects, and 3D vision industrial inspection system, all mature and ready to deploy.

Jing Ding shared his vision with us, “by developing the 3D robotic vision system and intelligent robot system, HinYeung Technology has established a platform integrating high accuracy vision sensor, intelligent collaborative robots, intelligent detection and control system, which made the robots more intelligent, reliable and flexible for even more complex applicaions.”

HinYeung Technology is now joining hands with many well-known robotics and robotic fixture company to create a ecosystem for robotics, within this ecosystem, the products can be perfectly combined with HinYeung Tech’s Robotic vision in communication protocol, image processing SDK, and operational practices. HinYeung is also the agency for these companies, offering reliable products with lower cost. Through the HinYeung ecosystem, customers can quickly find the right robotic body and fixture, and deploy with HinYeung’s 3D vision applications.

According to Jing Ding, “most of our customers are from manufacturing, like Vatti and Midea. Our most applications are the guiding system on the assembly line, and the loading and unloading scenarios like the sheet metal parts.”

HinYeung Technology won the Innovation Prize on the Finals of the 2021 China (Xiangtan) Industrial Software Startup Contest with its outstanding robotic vision capability. Through a deep collaboration with Alibaba Cloud, HinYeung Tech found that a startup that sticks to self-developing do needs more support for a rapid growth.

“Alibaba Cloud Innovation Center has a vast storage of resources in industry chain, and it has offices and support personals all over the country, it can offer tremendous help to us during the landing phase of our projects,” said Jing Ding.

For a technology-first startup like HinYeung, a large number of talents are needed during the landing of its industry, where support from its partners and local government is quite crucial, such environment is also great for the development of the entire industry.

The industry is going through the intelligent upgrade, 3D robotic vision technology is instrumental along many other innovations, and as one of the self-develop startups, HinYeung Technology’s products has gained years of practice, recognized and trusted by the market. HinYeung is aiming to insist on self-developing, and to expand its ecosystem with its partners.

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