Discover the Rising Stars №020 | Interview with Dazhi Li, Founder of XHTime

18 Years of Deep Plowing Beidou Navigation

Founded in 2015, XHTime is a high-tech company focusing on Beidou satellite positioning, navigation, and timing. Based on the powerful Beidou Navigation Satellite System, the company has built a comprehensive time-frequency services system combining timekeeping, timing, and various applications. One thing worth noted is that almost the entire core team of the company were veterans.

Anchor Navigation Positioning and Time-Frequency

XHTime has two major business focus, one is around Beidou navigation positioning, and the another is with time-frequency. In the field of Beidou navigation positioning, the company research and develop based on the existing and mature Beidou chips and modules. Multiple terminal applications have been developed for different scenarios, spreading the BDS to the deeper roots of every industry. In the field of time-frequency, the company’s technological superiority is more evident. From time-keeping to timing application products, the company kept fully self-development and independent intellectual property rights.

Insight into Industrial Internet through Alibaba Cloud to Grasp User Demand

Four years of development has witnessed XHTime’s business volume doubling itself each year, with merely 3 million CNY in 2017, then 9 million by 2018, and 20 million till 2020. By August of 2021, the company’s total contract amount has surpassed 30 million CNY, now aiming for 50 for the whole year.



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