Discover the Rising Stars 005 Interview with PIX Moving Founder Angelo Yu

“Intelligent” technology isn’t just disrupting traditional industries, it’s also helping to inaugurate and define a new era in automobile manufacturing. Established auto manufacturers are moving their focus from “gearboxes and engines” to “software + algorithms”. The fifth installment of Discover the Rising Stars interviews 2021 CACSC & BMW Group “Internet of Vehicles” Global Finals Third Place winner and PIX Moving founder Angelo Yu about the “industry transformation” taking place in auto manufacturing.

Singular Vision, From Drones to Automobiles

Angelo Yu has always loved programming and has accumulated 17 patents in the fields of robotics and smart manufacturing. In 2011 he won a National Cloud Computing Competition and decided to try to commodify and market some of his ideas. In 2012 he entered the drone market and raised USD 570,000 for his Hexbot on Kickstarter, ranking 1st in Asia and selling in over 100 countries worldwide. This was the first incarnation of PIX Moving. Yu Chuan’s background in architecture helped him think about the value of robots for a city, and he saw the potential for smart cars as moving spaces.

Abundant Talent, Limitless Innovation

These were his long term goals. Next came figuring out how to make them a reality.

Explosive Customer Demand: the Good and the Bad

Bursting onto the Scene at the CACSC Finals

At the 2021 CACSC & BMW Group “Internet of Vehicles” Global Finals PIX Moving won third prize. “100 years ago there was no venture capital, so brilliant engineers used contests to develop their cars and ultimately change the way our cities work. Today the inventors of smart cars are also learning from each other in these contests, which will help drive the development of smart cars and intelligent traffic systems. We hope that PIX can work with Alibaba to create more opportunities for autonomous transport, and work together on smart city projects to drive the development of the industry as a whole,” says Yu.

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