How China’s Biggest Logistics Platform Handles Task Dispatch

What is the standard solution to task dispatch?

How can the time wheel decouple task timing from the task itself?

Time wheel

How can time wheel scheduled storage tasks help the solution?

· Support discrete scheduled messages

· Address the complexity of managing individual task lists for each clock hand position on the time wheel

Alibaba MQ scheduled message solution

What makes the lightweight scheduled task dispatch engine so useful?

Adjusted time wheel and linked list solution

How can task linked list partitioning accelerate extraction of single linked lists?

How does partitioning improve task queue extraction efficiency for a certain point in time?

Design after partitioning

How can data be recovered after cluster deployment and node restart?

Node registration and ID allocation process
Single-node startup process

How can cluster management be automated?

How can scheduled task extraction clustering relieve cluster pressure?

Cluster parallel task extraction


Alibaba Tech



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