Resilience4j and Sentinel: Two Open-Source Alternatives to Netflix Hystrix

Hystrix 1.5.18 (the current latest version) is stable enough to meet Netflix’ needs for existing applications. Meanwhile, our focus has shifted to adaptive implementations that react to real-time application performance, rather than to pre-configured settings (for example, through adaptive concurrency limits). We continue to use Hystrix internally for applications that already use Hystrix, and for new projects, we use other open source projects that are still active, such as Resilience4j. We also advise other developers to do the same.

Netflix Hystrix is currently in maintenance mode, where Netflix no longer actively processes issues, merges requests and releases new versions. The last version we released is Hystrix 1.5.18 (Release Note: issue 1891 s), which is aligned with the internal stable version (1.5.11) used by Netfilx. If members of the community are interested in taking ownership of Hystrix and moving it back into active mode, please contact

Hystrix has served Netflix and the community well over the years, and the transition to maintenance mode is in no way an indication that Hystrix is no longer valuable. On the contrary, Hystrix has inspired many great ideas and projects. We thank everyone at Netflix and in the greater community, for all the contributions made to Hystrix over the years.

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