Technological Revolution in Serverless


Serverless architecture grew out of cloud computing. It inherits all the advantages of cloud computing while being extremely flexible, cost effective, and maintenance free.

The Birth of Cloud Computing

In 1961 during the celebration of the 100th anniversary of MIT, John McCarthy (who would win the 1971 Turning Award) first introduced the idea of “Utility Computing,” one of the first premonitions of cloud computing. In 1984, SUN co-founder John Gage announced the new era of networked computing with the motto “The network is the computer.” In 1996, while discussing the future of their computing business, a group of senior engineers at Compaq first used the term “cloud computing,” and saw it as the coming trend in enterprise computing. This is how “cloud computing” developed from its embryonic stage to formal conceptualization.

From Cloud Computing to Serverless

During this period of explosive growth, cloud computing continued evolving, from IaaS to PaaS, and then to SaaS, cloud computing gradually “found the right development path.”

What is Serverless?

The growth of cloud computing over the past decade and more has revolutionized the internet, and serverless is a cloud product, or rather a particular manifestation of cloud computing in a particular era. Many people see it as the essence of cloud computing, and the Berkeley team even predicted that it would dominate the cloud computing field as a new paradigm for the next decade.

The Growth of Serverless

Since 2012, when serverless architecture was first proposed, through 2014 when AWS Lambda commercialized serverless, to the widespread adoption of serverless in 2017, and again when serverless became the hot topic at KubeCon in 2019, serverless has constantly evolved. As technology continues to advance along clearer directions of development, and especially with the advent of the 5G era, serverless will become increasingly important in more areas.

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