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May 19, 2021

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The CACSC & BMW Group “Internet of Vehicles” Global Finals is About to Open to Kick

Internet of Vehicles is the hottest sector at the moment. Big car brands collaborate with technology companies on exploring new possibilities. Smart cars are visibly replacing traditional cars at high speed. What new technology applications can Internet of Vehicles offer? What new experiences can Internet of Vehicles bring into our lives? In 2021, the CACSC & BMW Group “Internet of Vehicles” Global Finals will see more than 20 top technology companies from around the world bring their technology innovations into the car industry. The finals will be a science and technology feast for the audience.

It is planned on May 20, the CACSC & BMW Group “Internet of Vehicles” Global Finals, co-organized by Jinqiao Group, BMW Group, and Alibaba Cloud, is about to open in Shanghai Marriott Hotel Pudong East. This contest promotes recruitment for technology innovation entrepreneurial teams and facilitates a deeper integration between local technology and projects. The “Internet of Vehicles” contest is a platform for both domestic and international technology innovation teams to communicate and interact. It is also a contest of international significance. The 21 teams from five different regional finals will battle it out on the global finals stage.

Spanning over six months, participants from five divisions (Yangtze Delta, North East, Russian, Jing-Jin-Ji, and European and American) went through the draft stage, regional finals, and now they are here at the global finals. With the pandemic remains an ongoing issue, divisions in China had participants join offline, and international divisions joined online. The global finals will include projects of the internet industry, car and related industries, VR smart cars, windows with sensors, automated driving systems, autonomous power generation technology, 3D imaging parts, to list a few. The subcategories of the finals will include entertainment, material, drives, energy, integrated chips, and many more.

BMW Group & Alibaba Cloud work together to promote Internet of Vehicles development

Alibaba Cloud and BMW Group work together for the first time. They make the best use of their influence to give a rallying cry to worldwide innovative entrepreneur teams working on the “Internet of Vehicles”. Six months and five regional finals later, 21 elite teams join together to battle it out on the global finals stage.

Online and offline channel integration to improve the participant experience

The audience can watch the finals on live stream, but they can also sign-up for offline events. International top investors and experts will be the judges to review in detail the participants’ projects and interact with the team both online and offline. At the finals, professionals of the car industry and experts from Alibaba Cloud will sit at roundtable discussions to share their experiences and knowledge.

With government policy support, BMW Group and Alibaba Cloud join together for rapid enterprise development

The “Internet of Vehicles” Contest’s effort to recruit great projects, talents, and fundings is supported by the local government, which provides preferential policy support for the contest’s winner. The chosen project can enjoy preferential policy treatment in Shanghai city, New Pudong District, Free Trade Zone, and Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park. They can also apply for the ‘One Thing One Meeting’ support policy to open upstream and downstream channels, effectively driving forward industry digitalization upgrades and industry ecosystem creation to make a continuous profit.

Alibaba Cloud and the BMW Group will also fully support the incubation of the chosen projects, who will have the opportunity to integrate into and receive supports in the Alibaba Cloud ecosystem. Furthermore, they will have the chance to connect to BMW Group’s ecosystem. With BMW Group’s A.C.E.S. ecosystem (stands for Automated, Connected, Electrified, Services) behind their back, they can apply for the free use of BMW’s labs to run POC tests.

Please stay tuned in for the 2021 CACSC & BMW Group “Internet of Vehicles” Global Finals!

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