Top 10 Technology Trends in 2020 Predicted by Alibaba DAMO Academy

Today, Alibaba DAMO Academy published The Top 10 Technology Trends in 2020. We hope that by grasping the pace of revolution of technologies, we can make better use of these “magics” and be in charge of our own future.

Trend No 1. Artificial intelligence evolves from perceptual intelligence to cognitive intelligence

Trend No 2. In-Memory-Computing addresses the “memory wall” challenges in AI computing

Trend No 3. Industrial IoT power the digital transformation

Trend No 4. Large-scale collaboration between machines become possible

Trend No 5. Modular design makes chips easier and faster by stacking chiplets together

Trend №6 Large-Scale Production-Grade Blockchain Applications will Gain Mass Adoption

Trend №7 A critical period before large-scale quantum computing

Trend №8 New Materials Will Revolutionize the Semiconductor Devices

Trend №9 Growing Adoption of AI Technologies that Protect Data Privacy

Trend №10 Cloud becomes the center of IT technology innovation

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