Top 10 Technology Trends in 2020 Predicted by Alibaba DAMO Academy

Trend No 1. Artificial intelligence evolves from perceptual intelligence to cognitive intelligence

Trend No 2. In-Memory-Computing addresses the “memory wall” challenges in AI computing

Trend No 3. Industrial IoT power the digital transformation

Trend No 4. Large-scale collaboration between machines become possible

Trend No 5. Modular design makes chips easier and faster by stacking chiplets together

Trend №6 Large-Scale Production-Grade Blockchain Applications will Gain Mass Adoption

Trend №7 A critical period before large-scale quantum computing

Trend №8 New Materials Will Revolutionize the Semiconductor Devices

Trend №9 Growing Adoption of AI Technologies that Protect Data Privacy

Trend №10 Cloud becomes the center of IT technology innovation

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Alibaba Tech

Alibaba Tech


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