Why Databases Are Key to Alibaba’s 2020 Double 11 Sales

Alibaba’s Cloud Native Databases

By using cloud-native databases that support online transaction processing, as well as offline batch processing and big data workloads, Alibaba had been able to achieve zero downtime in what has now become the world’s largest online shopping event.

Alibaba Lindorm Commercial Debut

Making its commercial debut this year was Lindorm, Alibaba’s cloud-native multi-model database that is compatible with multiple open-source interfaces such as HBase, Phoenix, OpenTSDB and Solr.

A Testament to Cloud Native Databases

“Many Fortune 500 firms are already using our Cloud DBaaS for mobile apps, backups and tests, and the most recent impressive performance of our proprietary solutions during the 11.11 global shopping festival is yet another strong endorsement on our capability.”



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